Extract from H.E Dr. Sam Nujoma ‘ Statement on the occasion of official appointment of Christine Katiku Mboma and Beatrice  Muwaye Masilingi as Good Will Ambassador for the Sam Nujoma Foundation on 20 November 2021 at the Coastal Town of Walvis Bay, Erongo Region
…I convey my warm personal best wishes for good health and many prosperous years to their mentor and coach, Mr. Henk Botha, for your leadership in guiding our youthful athletes to victory.
Your passion for sports has not gone unnoticed and your generosity, not only in mentoring these young athletes but also by contributing financially to their upkeep, deserve accolades. May the nation learn that leadership accompanied by a solid vision and hard work will lead to success.
Ms. Christine Mboma, Ms. Beatrice Masilingi and Coach Mr. Henk Botha, I join the people of Namibia in celebrating your victory, which is no easy feat by a longshot and we applaud you for representing our country with stellar, determination, loyalty and patriotism. You are truly a great inspiration to the youth of our country and ambassadors par excellence.
You have indeed unified our nation during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that has destabilized our country and the world at large. You have renewed our spirit and gave us confidence to make Namibia a better place for all. You have made us proud.
Given that the Sam Nujoma Foundation has been founded upon the principle of self-reliance and capacity building, through the process leading up to the Tokyo 2020 (2021) Summer Olympic Games, our athletes have demonstrated high sense of self-reliance in their abilities, raw talent and above all patriotism towards their motherland.
It is against this background that I, in my capacity as the Founder of the Sam Nujoma Foundation, appoint Ms. Christine Mboma and Ms. Beatrice Masilingi as Good Will Ambassadors of the Sam Nujoma Foundation. This is in recognition of their unwavering spirit of self-reliance and patriotism which are values that complement the aspiration of the foundation.
It is my hope that our athletes will not sink into oblivion and start begging for handouts to enable them to adequately prepare for the challenge of maintaining their success. For this reason, I appeal to all private and corporate citizens, through their corporate social responsibilities, to invest in our youth by supporting the country’s gems so they can improve and keep shining.